Not the Spanish Inquisition…

Not the Spanish Inquisition…

…More like a friendly visit from Spain.

Here at Bianca Trading, keeping close one-to-one relations is key. Which is why we were extremely pleased to receive a visit on the 16th June from Daniel Velasco, a fine sales rep from one of our excellent producers, Bodegas Perica. Bodegas Perica is a family winery with strong traditional values that produces our fine Rioja selection. The soil quality and perfect acclimatization of different grape varieties are why the Rioja Alta is regarded as an indisputable international level for all great wines lovers.

As Daniel travelled from the Rioja regions of Spain and landed in Manchester in the UK, he was glad to see that the sunshine had followed him overseas. Greeted at the airport by Juliusz, the pair headed out to meet some of Bianca Trading’s top customers that purchase the Bodegas Perica wines. Daniel hoped to gain a feel of the end users experience of the Rioja wines.

First stop on the agenda was Croma Manchester, one of the top ten pizza restaurants nationwide. Juliusz and Daniel were met at the restaurant by Nick Telfer and sat down for a pizza and a chat with one of the restaurants duty managers. Daniel was impressed by the restaurants elegance, passion for food and great quality wines – not just the Bodegas Perica range! The atmosphere at Croma was infectiously lively and welcoming with a traditional style.


Next on the agenda was a trip down to Dylan’s Restaurant in the small town of Menai Bridge in Anglesey, North Wales. Situated alongside the Thomas Telford Bridge, Dylan’s Restaurant is another of Bianca Trading’s top customers who purchase the Bodegas Perica wines. Juliusz and Daniel sat down to a beautiful 5 course meal that included oysters, lobster and mussels, just some of the restaurants locally sourced specialities. A bottle of white Rioja also went down a treat as the pair sat down with Robin, the restaurant’s co-owner, the Head chef Neil and the also Andy and Natalie.  Daniel appreciated the restaurants authenticity and warm and friendly feel as they sat along the water’s edge. A true Spaniard he was particularly fond of the seafood selection and was impressed by the restaurant’s efforts and top quality customer service.


Last on the agenda for Daniel’s trip was The Chesterfields where Juliusz and Daniel met up with the owner, Mark. The Chesterfields is a stunning country pub & restaurant situated in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. Daniel was greatly enthused by the glorious gardens for Al Fresco country dining and private ski-style huts for drinking ice cold beer and great real ales. He would like to return to the Chester Fields during his next visit to sample some of the delicious dishes they offer.


Whilst all the three venues visited are purchasing a selection of Bodegas Perica wines from Bianca Trading, each establishment differs in terms of their design, functionality and presentation. Daniel was more than pleased to see his wines in all three establishments and on the whole he thoroughly enjoyed his trip, returning to Spain with a highly positive view of our trade customers.