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Valpolicella Boccascalucce DOC


  • Designation: DOC
  • Producer: Vicentini
  • Year: 2016 NEW VINTAGE
  • Grape: Corvina 70% Molinara 10% Rondinella 20%
  • Region: Veneto

Bright flavourful palate of just ripened cherries, spicy with lovely balance, understated tannins.

Food Match: Perfect for beef, pasta and red sauce.

The Vigneto Boccascalucce is of a brilliant ruby colour, with intense perfume characteristic of Corvina grapes with a hint of cherry.

According to some, the Valpolicella may be one of the most underrated DOC in Italy. Although less so than the Soave, it  has been saddled with a long-standing bad reputation. Things have changed dramatically though and an attentive buyer can now find a tremendous amount of interesting wines in the area.

We had been really pleased with the quality and character of the Vicentini Soave, so we welcomed the opportunity of trying their red wine and loved them immediately.   Valpolicella grapes are hand picked and allowed to rest in  casks for a while before beginning the wine making process.

Lovely family winery just outside the Classico region and therefore a little more circumspect in their pricing. So as Anselmi and Pieropan have produced wines that have revitalised the reputation of Soave  they have also raised their prices as well as their game. Vicentini have gone about creating wines that have all the flavour and poise of their supposed superiors but have kept their prices to a reasonable scale.

When we first met them in Verona few years ago, we were just passing and noticed a tiny sign mentioning their 3 glass award. So we had a sip of their delicious oak aged Soave and loved it.  We sat down, tried their unoaked entry level Soave and were fully taken. It was three months later and back at base that we learned that they also made a lovely fruity Valpolicella!


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