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Trentino Cabernet Riserva DOC Grener


  • Designation: DOC
  • Producer: Dorigati
  • Year: 2011
  • ABV: 13%
  • Grape: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Region: Trentino
  • Size: 75cl

Grener is a deep ruby red, full, round, slightly tannic, with a rich body and a hint of spice

Trentino Cabernet Riserva

A deep ruby red, full, round, slightly tannic, with a rich body and a hint of spice typical of the variety

Ageing: 12 month in barriques and 6 months in steel containers

Longevity: 8-10 years in suitable cellar's rooms


Goes well with: roasts, red meats and mature cheeses

A little info on the Trentino Cabernet Riserva's label

The label shows the reproduction of a xylography by Remo Wolf, a renowned artist from Trento. It depicts, on the left the castle of Mezzocorona, on the right the symbol of the imposing nature of these mountains, the Sassolungo of the Val Gardena.

In the centre of the bloc print there is an intricate bunch of grapes with a small sun engraved into each grape. The sun represents the union between the Val Gardena and the Piana Rotaliana and the source of life of the fruit from which this excellent red wine is obtained.

Grener derives from the mispronounced dialect of Grödner with which the inhabitants of Mezzocorona emphasized the Val Gardena origin of the paternal grandmother of the current owners, who still today maintain the nickname.




The Dorigati brothers’ vineyards are located in Piana Rotaliana, a cone with fine soil features, ideal for viticulture. Over the centuries, the floods of the small river Noce created parcels of land which contained a good quantity of slime, -rich in minerals- , and an excellent power of drainage, thanks to the presence of cobblestones.  Teroldego Rotaliano DOC, the principal autochthonous vineyard of Trentino, is found in this strip of land. The ideal climatic conditions together with expert viticulture,and the use of the pergola of Trentino, permit  the ageing of high-quality grapes and the production of excellent red wines.

“We firmly believe that the best innovation is the valorisation of the products’ identity respecting the tradition.  We think that the care and the attention to the land are essential because the quality of a single wine originates from the vineyard, respecting the natural time. We strive for the equilibrium between plants and land, wine and man. Wine is the result of a unique synergy between the wine grower and the environment. Every wine is a different path, a story, an evolution, which makes it unique. For over 150 years, making wine means this for us”


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