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Schioppettino DOC Il Roncal


  • Designation: DOC
  • Producer: Il Roncal
  • Year: 2009
  • ABV: 13.5%
  • Grape: Schioppettino
  • Region: Friuli
  • Size: 75cl

The bouquet is winey, characteristic with hints of wild blackberries, raspberries and blackcurrants.

Food Match: Ideal with game dishes and lamb dishes.

Deep ruby-red in color with shades of purple. With ageing these develop into an elegant brushwood fragrance. Schioppettino DOC Il Roncal is an immediately pleasant wine which ages well.

Nick's notes:

"One for the obscurantists? No, not at all, the poor grape nearly driven to extinction by the movement to modern varietals is still with us. The little gunshot, and so it is, exploding across the palate with just ripe brambles and plums. Marvellous. Fear not, brave drinker. Again, 15 days maceration and the whole lot has 6 months in oak. Which doesn’t keep the fruit at bay, just helps us on our way. To the future my friends".

From the producer’s website: “In the Friulan dialect, the name “Roncal” means hillside holding cultivated in terraces, and in fact it is precisely the “ronchi” which dominate this striking landscape. The slopes of our vineyards encircle the Montebello hillside which is favoured by an excellent exposure and a marl/sandstone combination soil which is ideal for grape-growing. The “Il Roncal” estate deliberately chooses to harvest late, ensuring that grapes are picked only at their most ripe. Vinification is carried out according to tradition, at controlled temperatures within the estate’s cellars. Hereto tradition and modernity cohabit – and so we find alongside the shiny, cold stainless steel vats, sweet-smelling oak casks where the wines are left to mature and their bouquets to develop. The philosophy behind our estate completely envelops this deep but nonetheless pleasant contrast where the new is put to the test in the hope of improving that which has already been proven”.


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