We are and always will be a family run business



Once upon a time…


In our kitchen not so far away, we were happily sharing a delicious bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Not only was it delightful but it was also made by my sister! Nobody was importing their wine, my husband Juliusz was itching for a change of career, and here we are 11 years on still importing and selling, and now taking our portfolio of fantastic wines out beyond the restaurants we have supplied, direct to the likes of lucky old you. So, serendipity all round, lucky you, lucky us dealing in wonderful wines, and lucky wine makers.

Those first Tuscan wines were followed by a few gems from the Roman Hills, most of which are still on our wine list. We have been attentively adding to our stock year by year, following our luck, fair knowledge and ‘responsive’ palate. Since then we have also ventured into France and Spain, while maintaining a clear focus on our objective: to find and introduce you, our customers, to wines of superb and consistent quality, preferably made by small- and medium-sized outfits, generally family run, and who we know are utterly dedicated to their products. And this we do know, because we always try to meet our producers, establishing friendships whenever possible, and we regularly travel to Italy to visit vineyards and wine fairs. It certainly helps that we are fluent in the “lingo”…

From Juliusz’s “one man band” of the early days, when he took care of nearly everything, from wine buying to selling, packing and delivering, Bianca Trading has grown into a company able to comfortably expand its staff as well as its portfolio. While our (should I say not-so-typical?) husband and wife team keeps the business on track working hard and long hours, the initial flair we were blessed with in assessing products has been helped along for sometime by Nick Telfer, a key member of the team. Having spent time living in the south of Italy, Nick has direct knowledge of the products and a keen interest in all things Italian, and he is also largely responsible for our choice of Spanish wines, writes most of our tasting notes, looks after sales along with Juliusz and, most importantly, helps the flow of communication all round.


Back to the family: our daughters, Sofia and Chiara have regularly helped at shows and out in Italy, while their younger brothers, Francesco and Leonardo lend a hand in the warehouse whenever possible. More recently, the girls have been involved in the redevelopment of the website and Chiara and I ensure that the lively, perhaps slightly spirited (irresistible pun), warehouse shop is ready to be open every morning. This brings us to one more necessary feature in an Italian’s life, beside good wine: good coffee.

If wines were not enough to tempt you over here to Mollington Warehouse we also have a fully functioning Italian coffee machine where real coffee is made in the proper Italian style. My genes must have had some coffee making know-how infused into them; at least, from what I gather from my language students, the old cappuccino is spot on…